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​We are not a marketing agency or social media strategists.  We are consultants that help put your business ideas in motion.  Whether we are contracted for 5 hours a week or 40, we want you to think of us as your extra staff member, trained specifically to handle your web and marketing administrative needs and to connect you to your clients and customers.

Our past projects have included:  webpage development, social media profile management, newsletters, online flyers and announcements, business plans, ghost writing and blog management, meeting, seminar, and events planning, document processing, document and webpage translations (English & Spanish), transcriptions, internet and marketing research, cold and warm calls for lead development, e-commerce, and logo design.

We accept almost any administrative project request.  If we are not able to provide the service you need, we will connect you with the professional who can.  At Lalayu Consulting, we believe that collaboration, not competition, is the best possible strategy for our clients.




We can create template based, semi-custom, or custom built webpages built to meet your business needs.  

We can also create a basic and minimum cost webpage for your business on a content management system.  We can teach you how to edit your own content in order to keep business costs down in the future.  We can also review, edit, or update your current webpage.



If you have an administrative project that fits under web or marketing needs, we can work together with you to implement your ideas.


We can help with the administrative or creative portion of your marketing plan.


Short-staffed to carry out your digital marketing ideas or projects? We can help.


As your extra team member, we research your business and learn as much as we can -- so that we can create and manage the content on your website in a way that best represents your business. 


Need to refresh your content?  Edit your existing business description?  We can review your online presence and revamp to reflect your business identity.



While creating and maintaining a social media profile is not rocket science, we understand that many business owners don't have the time (or desire) to spend their time promoting their businesses on Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other social media platforms that exist.


We can manage these profiles for your company:  adding content, building your online community, and engaging with your audience -- leaving you with the time to do what you do best -- running your business.

Blogging takes time. But the connection that you make with your audience when you share engaging information is worth it. 


We help you choose the right blogging platform, design it to match your brand identity, and then show you how to best integrate it into your current marketing plan.


Don't have time to blog?  Let us do your research and writing, and work together with you to create an information resource for your customers, clients, and friends.

We can act as a creative consultant or an extra member of your marketing team.  We can review your campaign, marketing copy, or business ideas and offer fresh perspective and opinion.


As we review your current online presence, we make suggestions on what things can be done to improve your reach -- and help you find ways to develop your ideas and vision.


We've also been known to shake a pom pom or two. 

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