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In business since 2007, Lalayu Consulting started as a virtual assistant service and has slowly evolved into something more -- we are the extra team member, the sounding board, the creative energy that every small business needs but can't always afford to hire.

By offering "a-la-carte" web, accounting and marketing administrative services, we provide your small business or non-profit with the resources you need to stay competitive.  We start by reviewing with you your current business identity and work together to design a plan that fits within your budget.  We identify specific services that we can provide for your small business, home-based business or non-profit group.  And then we work closely with you to complete those services in the most cost effective way possible. 

Creating a web and marketing position within a business can mean different things for different businesses.  Occasionally this is something as simple as a logo, or more involved, such as building or improving a webpage.  For your business, our services might include creating and distributing a print or digital newsletter, or something more traditional such as making cold calls and developing your lead list. Whatever the task, our team has over 15 years of experience and can complete your project in a professional manner.

Our office is based in the Seattle, Washington area but can work with your business in any part of the world.  Contact us today to find out how!

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